The Voice of Children, USA (TVOCUSA) is a tax exempt organization chartered to support education and childhood welfare in Haiti.  We fulfill our mission thru the support of our children’s home in LaColine and our school in Anjubo.  Further efforts are focused on strengthening the local Haitian Christian community thru regular revivals, the support of ministers of the gospel, charity work which include medical clinics, clothing banks and the feeding of the poor.  We also support the local economy by providing employment for native people whenever possible.


We support our VISION thru:

  • Church leadership and financial support
  • An umbrella community center
  • Civic/Community workshops that teach marketable skills
  • Housing, feeding, and educating children in the local community
  • Supporting and strengthening the family unit of endangered children of the area
  • Maintaining IBESR certification
  • Maintaining an organization of volunteers to insure that 100% of funds raised are allocated to the support of the ministry.



We do more than care; we sponsor and serve, so that the children of Haiti may experience God’s Love in their lives.