The ministry of Voice of Children (VOC) was established to provide Christian training, education and institutional care for children in Haiti.  The founder of VOC, Bethone LouisJuste was an active participant in organizing and caring for the “orphans”, and directing the various churches in the ministry, until his death in 2004.  The USA contact was made through Zion Baptist Church located in Powell, Tennessee.  Representatives chosen to co-ordinate the activities of the mission’s ministry were Doyle and Ruth Ann Schultz.


Over the first 30 years VOC salvaged and preserved hundreds of children who were thrown away, given away, abandoned and orphaned.  During that same time, the ministry aided in the planting of eight churches, established/supported five schools, supported an orphanage and provided quality healthcare for thousands of Haitian patients.


            During the 2005 mission trip, representatives from the State of California joined the team and became an integral part of the ministry.  This was also the year that a concerted effort was put forth to build a church/school on top of the mountain at Anjubo, which was to fulfill the vision of Brother Bethone.  In the midst of building churches and caring for the needy, many souls were saved.


            The church/school at Anjubo was finished and dedicated during the summer of 2006.  At the time, there were 35 students enrolled in the school with four teachers and a principal.  In addition to the Anjubo ministry, VOC continued to provide much needed financial support for an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, which was being run by Martina LouisJuste, the widow of Bethonne, and their son Beliot.


            During the winter of 2007, the roof was blown off the Anjubo church/school and replaced during the summer.  The ministry suffered a great loss when Brother Lee Crawford, was called home to be with the Lord later in 2007.  In the summer of 2008, as a tribute to Brother Lee Crawford, a set of rain gutters were installed to fill the cistern.


            The two subsequent years found the ministry working rather smoothly, only to have a major earthquake devastate the country in January 2010.  The church/school at Anjubo was completely destroyed resulting in the death of Pastor Herbert, who had been in charge of an orphanage near the church/school at Anjubo.  Following the earthquake, the enrollment at the school dropped to 19 students.  The ministry immediately constructed a small frame building to house the classrooms and continued teaching those students who remained.


The work of the ministry continued the following years and expanded as a need was seen to provide a home to discarded, abandoned, or orphaned children.  From VOC blossomed the current ministry, The Voice of Children, USA (TVOCUSA), which was formed to meet this need and provide food, shelter, and a family for these children.  The certification for TVOCUSA is summarized below:


  • October 24th 2012 - The Voice of Children, USA separated from VOC
  • February 18th 2013 - State of TN non-profit status granted
  • 2013 – The Children’s Home opened
  • July 16th 2014 (Retroactive to October 24th 2012) - Received 501(c)(3)
  • June 8th 2017 – IBESR certification


TVOCUSA now serves in multiple ministries, including; operating the school at Anjubo, operating the Children’s Home, traveling medical clinics, hosting vacation Bible schools, teaching and preaching the Word of God.  The school has steadily increased in numbers since the earthquake in 2010.  We are currently up to 81 students, 6 teachers, a principal, a woodcutter, a water carrier and a cook.  The Children’s Home started out with just a few children, but is now home to 9 children.  Each June a team of volunteers and medical professionals operate a medical clinic and vacation Bible school.  The medical clinic serves over 1000 people and the vacation Bible school averages over 100 children each day. 


The work of TVOCUSA continues to expand.  The vision of the ministry is to purchase property and build a community center to act as a hub for the mission’s work and broaden the functions of the ministry.  This will open the door for opportunities to reach more people and meet both physical and spiritual needs.  The work planned for the center includes a feeding program for the community, civic/community workshops, a home-base for mission teams, medical clinics, a church and a school on the property.  The board continues to serve the people of Haiti, is excited to see what God has planned, and strives to glorify God in all that we do.